Frank McManus

Principal  Email

Liz Williams

Deputy Principal  Email

Angela Stuart

Secretary  Email

Lyneen Thomson

Junior Team Leader – Year 2  Email

Paula Duncan

New Entrants  Email

Director of Religious Studies

Jo McLauchlan

Year 4 and 5  Email

Megan Journee

Year 4 and 5  Email

Hellen Munro

Year 2 and 3  Email

Kayte Jory

Release teacher  Email

Andrea Katsipis

Year 6-8   Email

Molly Farrell

New Entrants – Year 1  Email

Sue Kortegast

Teacher Aide

Mona Gillamac

Teacher Aide

Rowela Limcangco

Teacher Aide

Grace Ranot

Teacher Aide

Pam Clearwater

Reading Recovery

John Kubiak


Glenys Gibson

RTLB Liaison