The School was founded in 1877 and came under the leadership of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in 1896 and serves the parishes of Addington and St Peter and Paul, Halswell.


Our School has a unique charism that sets it apart from all other Catholic schools. A school’s original charism comes from the religious congregation that funded the school.

All charisms are at the service of the Mission of God to bring the reign of God “Shalom” Health, Wholeness, Healing, liberation, Freedom and especially for those with few choices.

The Mission Sister believed:

-Mission is everywhere. Gospel is proclaimed by life witness.
-Providing service to others in our schools, particularly to those in need socially and financially.
-Providing service to others in our community and country
-Providing Global outreach

The Order of Our Lady of the Missions was founded by Sister Euphrasie Barbier. She wanted her sisters to be straight forward people without grand pretensions. She wanted simplicity of hospitality and welcome and a special quality in relationships. Our motto “Virtue and Knowledge” stresses the need for students to follow the life of the Missions Sisters who lead a life of goodness, providing education and knowledge for many generations of students at Sacred Heart School.