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Religious Education Update

Kia ora/ Greetings/ Kumusta/ Talofa Lava/ Mālō e lelei

Term two has started with sunshine and warm weather showing off the beautiful colours of Autumn. As we move towards the end of the Easter season in the church’s calendar, we recognise that May is the month when we honour our Holy Mother Mary.

Last week the students were studying traditional and creative prayers. This leads on to the next unit of study ­ the Holy Spirit. As taken from the Religious Education document:

In their study of the Holy Spirit, students will gain and apply knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to understand:

1. that the Holy Spirit is God ­ third person of the Trinity with the very Tapu ­ holiness and Mana ­ power of God.
2. that the Holy Spirit enables them to grow in tapu and mana ­ holiness, through the gifts of grace, understanding and wisdom.

3. the Holy Spirit’s presence and effect in family ­ whanau, Church, Scripture, Sacrament and the world.
4. the titles and symbols of the Holy Spirit.
5. that the mission of the Holy Spirit is creating, sustaining and renewing the Church, bringing truth and liberation into people’s lives, uniting them with Jesus and continuing his work.

Ken Joblin continues to work hard with our middle and senior church choir on alternate Friday afternoons. We will notify you of dates when the choir will be singing at Saturday Evening mass.

An outline of significant dates for this term:

Wed 15 May Friday 17 May Friday 24 May Tuesday 28 May Friday 7 June

Friday 21 June

Monday 24 June Friday 28 June Friday 5 July

Catholic Cathedral College to talk to senior school Year 6 ­ Prayer Service in church
Room 5 (Year 3) ­ to go to 9 am Mass
Catholic Schools Day

Year 4 ­ 5 ­ to go to 9 am Mass
Rooms 1 & 2 prayer service ­ 1.45 pm in church
Year 6 ­ to go to 9 am Mass
Rooms 5 prayer service ­ 1.45pm in church
Church choir to sing at Jubilate in Pro­Cathedral Sacred Heart Feast Day ­ Whole School at 9 am Mass Year 7 & 8 to go to 9 am Mass
Year 4 & 5 prayer service ­ 1.45 pm in church

Prayers and blessings
Paula Duncan (Director of Religious Studies)

Special Character is how, we live, play and work together at Sacred Heart School