We smile | We speak pleasantly to each other | We make the right choices
We consider others’ needs and feelings | We make eye contact | We take pride in ourselves and our school

 Special Character is how, we live, play and work together at Sacred Heart School


Greetings to all our parents and whanau.

Welcome to Term 3 special character events. All students have begun the term learning about imaginative prayer. Teachers will then focus on the Sacrament learning strand followed by the Jesus strand which will link into the Caritas learning activities for Social Justice week 11 – 15 September. The school will attend the parish 9.00 am Mass for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, patron saint of New Zealand on 15 August. Students will also attend masses as a class during the term and rooms 3/4, and 6/7 will present prayer services. On Saturday 9 September at the 5.00 pm parish Mass some of our students will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Our deep learning focus this term is studying changemakers in our school, community, New Zealand and the world, then deciding on a way to contribute to the school community by being a changemaker. For this learning, students will recap on the events of Parihaka studied last year. The people of Parihaka passively resisted their land being taken through war. People and leaders of Parihaka were taken from their land unjustly and their pā invaded and ransacked. Reconciliation between the people of Parihaka and the Crown is still going on today. Students will also investigate present changemakers such as Pope Francis. We will look locally at the Addington Coffee Co-op where 70% of its profit is redistributed back to the local community and to some of the producers and communities overseas that create the product it sells. The other 30% is reinvested in the business and shareholders do not take dividends. The students will endeavour to answer the question ‘How can I peacefully seek change (social justice) to make a meaningful difference?’

This term the staff will be hosting the Catholic Education Office and other schools for a professional development diploma paper (RE 502 – Spirituality for Teachers). Please do not hesitate to approach me anytime about any aspect of special character in our school.

Warm regards to you all

Kath Clark

Director of Religious Studies


Special Character is how, we live, play and work together at Sacred Heart School