Special Character is how, we live, play and work together at Sacred Heart School


Religious Education Update

From the DRS

Greetings to all family/whanau, caregivers and friends.  

Welcome to term 3.  The year seems to have picked up speed again after a rather unsettling and uncertain start.  I do hope you are all doing well.  Each class started the term recapping and studying prayers.  Being such an integral part of the life of a catholic school it is important children know how to pray, where and when to pray.  

All students are currently learning about the sacraments.  Year 0, 1 and 2 children are learning about Baptism.  Year 3 students are focussing on Reconciliation.  The middle school is learning how the presence of God is everywhere and in everyone and the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.   The senior students are gaining an understanding of the sacrament of Holy Orders.   Later on in the term, the focus will move on to learning about Jesus as he was when he lived amongst us and his presence in our lives today. 

Class prayer services and attendance at Friday morning masses are as follows: 

Friday, August 7th, Room 2 attend mass

Friday, September 14th, Senior prayer service at 2.00  pm in the church 

Friday, August 28th, Rooms 1 and 6 attend mass

Friday, September 4th, middle syndicate attend mass

Friday, September 4th, Room 2 prayer service at 2.00  pm in the church

Saturday, 15th August is the Feast of the Assumption.  As this is a Holy Day of Obligation the school will be attending Mass at 9 am on Friday, 14th August.  Please feel free to come along.  

Social Justice Week. Social Justice Week 2020 runs from September 6-12 and focuses on Catholic social teaching principles.  

At this point I would like to direct you to the Family/Whanau book.  There are a limited number of copies at school or you can visit http://www.faithalive.org.nz/assets/Resources/Family-whanau-book.pdf   The book describes what the children are learning and how you can support your child’s learning of the Catholic faith at home.   


Many blessings during this term.    Paula Duncan (DRS)

Special Character is how, we live, play and work together at Sacred Heart School