Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sacred Heart School. Sacred Heart School is an important part of the Sancta Maria Parish Community,and has existed for over 130 years.
The Board of Trustees are working for the betterment of your children. Get to know them and support them. Visit your school – get to know your child’s teacher – offer help – take part in Parent- Teacher, school and class activities. All children appreciate their parents taking an interest in what they do at school.


If your child is away from school or is going to be late, please notify the school office (phone 338 3247) by 8.55 am. We need to know this, as we have an electronic attendance register reporting absentees, and it is for your protection as well. The answer phone is usually on all evening so you can ring any time. Please state the reason for the absence.


If you wish to see a staff member or the Principal, please arrange through the office (phone 338 3247) for an appointment. The staff will endeavour to be available and we do like to see you if you have any concerns. Staff meetings, held every Monday at 3.15 pm, means that teachers are unavailable at this time.


School assemblies are held regularly to celebrate children’s achievements. Please check the term calendar for dates and times. Parents are welcome and are encouraged to attend these.


If you have a concern about a school matter, please discuss it with the Class Teacher or School Principal.


Senior pupils (9+ years) may ride their bikes to school provided they wear a helmet and always lock their bike. (The Ministry of Transport recommends that children under 10 do not bike to school).
Children are not permitted to bike in the school grounds.


Children are encouraged to bring their own drink bottle with water only.
This is part of our healthy schools’ programme.


  • If the school has to be closed because of some extraordinary circumstances, we will do our best to inform you in as many ways as possible.
  • In the event of a civil emergency, children will only be released to their parents/caregivers, family member or the person listed as emergency contact on your enrolment form.
  • All children will be supervised until they can be released to an appropriate adult.
  • The school has a full crisis management plan.
  • The school has a full emergency plan and safety pack available should the need arise.
  • Our facebook page will carry details of any unexpected closure details.


Some diseases require the exclusion of children from school.
Among these are:

Measles: Exclusion for at least four days after rash appears.

Mumps: Exclusion until nine days after onset of swelling.

Scarlet Fever: Children may return to school 24 hours after starting anti-biotic treatment.

Chicken Pox: Exclusion until lesions have crusted over – usually sixth or seventh day from onset.

Impetigo: Children may return to school 24 (School Sores) hours after starting anti-biotic treatment.

Hepatitis A: Exclusion of one—three weeks after onset; and until one week after jaundice has started.

Hepatitis B and C: No exclusion from school is required.


From time to time accidents do occur in spite of careful supervision by the staff. Most problems are minor and are remedied by a quick visit with a staff member to the first aid cabinet. Sometimes just a friendly word will suffice. However, in the case of a more serious accident immediate first aid treatment will be given and the parents will be contacted at once. Should the parents not be available the school will continue with the necessary steps in “loco parentis”.

These would include:

1 transport if practicable to the child’s family doctor (or another if family doctor is not known) or hospital.

2 staff will then take further steps (if necessary) on the advice of the doctor.

Continuing efforts to contact parents will remain a priority while the other steps are being taken.


Please Note—Children requiring medication through the day.
This medication must be labelled with name and dosage and handed into the office. The School Secretary will be responsible for its administration. This is especially important for infant children as the dangers of unsupervised medication are obvious to all. All medicines are kept in a locked cabinet and a form is signed by the staff member giving the medication. Allergies/reaction to stings etc. Children having allergies or reactions that may adversely affect the health of the pupils should be known to the school. Please advise urgently if this difficulty is present.


Children are looked after by the Dental Nurse who will be based at Hillmorton Hospital. Each year the Nurses set up a mobile clinic at Sacred Heart School and check each student.


Homework is given to reinforce work that has been taught in class or to practise a skill. Written homework will normally be given from Year 3 upwards, with a maximum of 30 minutes. Reading at home is to be encouraged for all pupils. It is an opportunity for parents to share with the pupil some of the work being done at school. Basic facts maths sheets will also be given to Years 4—8 student. All children from years 3—8 are encouraged to participate in The Challenge Programme. They are optional and provide children with the opportunity to excel in PE and the Outdoors, Academic Excellence, Excellence in the Arts, Service in School and Giving. Attractive badges are awarded on the completion of each years challenge.


School Masses are held regularly as also are Class Masses and Class Prayer Services. Please check the dates in your School Calendar, as you are encouraged to attend. There are several Sunday School Masses during the year where the whole school participates ie all school families are expected to attend.


All children have access to computers which are used as an important tool for learning throughout the school. The school is fully networked for email and internet. Pupils and parents sign an Internet Safety Agreement prior to pupils using the internet—Year 3+.


The school has a modern well stocked, computerised library and library skills are taught throughout the school.


we require that shoulder length and longer hair be tied back. This is for health and safety reasons.


All Year 7 and 8 pupils attend Technology at Kirkwood Intermediate School. The Centre is an efficient one and a high standard of work and conduct is expected so that maximum performance and benefit is assured. Manual fees are set at the start of the year and we ask that you pay them promptly please.


Education outside the classroom is encouraged and is an important part of school life where children take part in many enjoyable learning experiences to enrich the curriculum. Modern classrooms should not be confined by the walls of a room or by the information that a teacher brings into this room.

Visits and Trips:

  • People are invited to visit the school to work in classrooms or to talk or perform to a larger group. Such visitors are selected because of their ability to complement the work of classroom teachers.
  • Classes will go on field trips or visits beyond the school.
  • Written parent permission is obtained when children visit and are near water.
  • Senior classes are given the opportunity of attending a school camp, which will involve a few nights away. Written permission will be sought where educational trips are outside school hours.
  • Any trips on or near water also require Principal and Board Chairperson clearance.


It is our policy to encourage parent helpers in classroom programmes, sports coaching, educational trips. and library administration. Parents are encouraged to help in school activities, as tutors in classrooms and in the library.


All pedestrians are asked to use the Memorial Gates entry. All staff and delivery vehicles will use the gates nearest the office.


For safety reasons parents are reminded that:

1. In normal circumstances they are NOT to bring vehicles onto school property during school hours (8.30 am – 3.30 pm).

2. Double parking is illegal.

3. It is important to drop off/collect your child(ren) on the school side of Spencer Street.

4. The yellow dotted lines outside the school means no parking at all times.

5. Please do not park on the bus stop outside the school, over driveways, on yellow dotted lines or on our neighbour’s grass.


The teacher, parent, child partnership:

  • We encourage parents to talk with us about the progress of their children.
  • We use newsletters and meetings to explain the teaching approaches we use.
  • Teachers are available for pre-arranged interviews— appointments can be made directly with the teacher or by phoning the office.
  • Parent, pupil, teacher interviews are held twice a year. These will include the following—An Individual Education Plan, or Assessment against the English Language Learning Progressions, or Assessment against the National Standards.


Cellphones are to be left, before school, in reception in the brown wooden box and collected at 3.00 pm. In the event of an emergency the School Secretary will take this box with her when departing the building. Cellphones are not to be left in school bags or given to a classroom teacher.


Children take part in a variety of sports activities during the year.

These range from:

  • PE lessons as a class activity
  • Fitness programmes/Jump Jam
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Summer sports eg cricket, softball, padder tennis, etc
  • Winter sports, eg netball, soccer, basketball, and hockey
  • Cross country running

Our School has a proud record in sport participation. we encourage full participation in all PE lessons and sporting occasions. Whilst we recognise the competitive nature of sport, particularly the seniors, we strongly believe in the Kiwi philosophy of enjoyment, participation, fitness, learning skills of a game, and sportsmanship is paramount.
PE clothing is black shorts and sports shoes. Senior children take part in regular weekly sports in the zone with other schools


The Board of Trustees has a number of policies which outline systems and procedures at our school. Policies are updated regularly. These can be found on line or at the office.

1 Visit the website

2 Enter the user name (sacred) and password (heart).

3 Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.

4 Read the policy.

5 Click the Policy Review button at the right hand top corner or the page.

6 Select the reviewer type “Parent”.

7 Enter the password “pin”.

8 Enter your name (optional).

9 Submit your ratings and comments. If you don not have internet access, school office staff can easily provide you with printed copies of the policy and the review form.


All children are encouraged to read daily at home and Junior children have a reading folder for parents to sign daily. Reading must be an enjoyable activity and it is really good if you can share a book regularly with your children. Choosing books from the library is a skill that your child may need support with. All pupils visit our school library with their teachers every week. The Library is also available from 1.00 – 1.30 pm from Monday – Thursday.


The teacher, parent, child partnership:

  • We encourage parents to talk with us about the progress of their children.
  • We use newsletters and meetings to explain the teaching approaches we use.
  • Teachers are available for pre-arranged interviews— appointments can be made directly with the teacher or by phoning the office.
  • Parent, pupil, teacher interviews are held twice a year. These will include the following—An Individual Education Plan, or Assessment against the English Language Learning Progressions, or Assessment against the National Standards.


Being a small school, staff are fortunate in knowing most parents and will contact them if there is a concern. Parent interviews are held twice a year. A Record of Achievement and Development with your child’s work will be discussed at this interview. Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress prior to the mid year interview, please make an appointment with the class teacher. A final Record of Achievement and Development is issued at the end of year. This indicate the progress and achievement your child is making. You are welcome to make an appointment to discuss your child’s progress at other times of the year.


Code of Expected Behaviour

(We also have copies of our full Behaviour Management Policy available at the school office).

I Care About All The Teachers and Students……….
Other people will be treated with respect, kindness & consideration-
Means that the following is unacceptable:

– bullying – verbal abuse (name calling, swearing, teasing)
– physical abuse (keep hands, feel & objects to yourself)
– emotional abuse (deliberate exclusion, unkind notes)
– sharing equipment & not taking turns.

I Show Respect for Everyone………….
Means that the following is unacceptable:
– being disrespectful to others (defiance, scowling, not looking at someone when they talk to you, now answering someone when you are asked a question and lack of manners).

I Show Respect for Property…………
Means that the following is unacceptable:
– borrowing property and not returning it
– stealing property
– damaging or treating roughly property, equipment, uniforms and the environment
– dropping any litter in the school grounds.

School Uniform Will be Worn Correctly ……………..
-not wearing any clothing that is not part of the stated school uniform.

Bring to School What is Appropriate…………
– valuables and toys should remain at home.
– no sweets or chewing gum.

Go Straight to Class When the Bell Rings………..
– no loitering in the toilets, drinking taps or in the playground.

Students Know What to do in Wet Lunch Hour………..
– eating your lunch quietly at your desk
– noise level will be kept to a quiet level
– running in the classroom will be unacceptable.

I Listen to Others ………………
– following instructions always.


Health Nurse
The School Health Nurse, is a registered nurse employed by the Child and Family Health Division of Healthlink South to visit school from to time to:

  • advise teachers and parents on health matters
  • arrange admissions to Health Camps

Hearing/Vision Technician Generally visits school at least once a year to conduct hearing and vision tests in certain age groups of the school. Pupils found lacking in either of these two areas will have their difficulties documented and parents will be advised. Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour A team of specialist teachers supports our school where there is a need. Enquiries should be made to the Principal.


Sweets are not to be eaten at school.


Teachers provide students with contact details to purchase prepared kits from PaperTree Tower Junction store.


Swimming lessons are taken in a two week block at Kings Pool with trained instructors. Swimming skills are taught to all children and a note is needed if your child is unable to participate. If children have a relaxed, positive attitude to water then it makes the teaching of the skills of swimming and survival so much easier.


Toys, electronics and valuables are not to be brought to school.


First Bell 8.55 am
Morning class begins 9.00 am
Morning interval 10.30—10.50 am
Lunch 12.30—1.30 pm
Afternoon classes 1.30—3.00 pm

Please Note: Children may not enter classrooms until 8.30 am. This is an important planning time for staff. Staff meetings are held on Monday after school so children need to leave the school grounds promptly on Mondays. Children need to be in class by 8.55 am for morning prayers. Punctuality is to be encouraged.


Attendance Dues

The payment of Attendance Dues is a legal requirement that parents/guardians accept when they enrol their child in an Integrated School. Attendance Dues are determined by the Bishop, the Proprietor of the School, and the Crown. All Catholic Schools charge Attendance Dues which are a legally binding charge on all parents and caregivers who have enrolled their children at a Catholic school.

This is payable unless, in special circumstances, the charge has been waived by the Proprietor of the school for specific issues associated with a family. The Parish Office will send an account for Attendance Dues each term.

School Donation each term—$25.00 per pupil. A yearly payment option of $90.00 is available if paid in the first term.

  • The $25.00 contributes towards any educational school trips, bus costs, visiting curriculum related arts performances, transport to indoor swimming lessons, life education costs as well as any resource photocopying etc.
  • Camps for Years 5—8 students are costed every second year and charged to each family before the camp commences. These costs are advertised in the newsletter later in the year preceding the camp.
  • In Year 7 and 8 a Technology cost of $58.00 is charged once on the Term 1 school account.

(All costs are invoiced to each student per term from Sacred Heart School). These payments will be receipted.