Board of Trustees Members

Brendan Bourne – Chairperson

Frank McManus – Principal

Clare Gibson – Secretary

Parent Representatives:

Sina Tait

Lawrence Ford

Carmen Kenton

Proprietors Representatives:

Rev John Craddock

Rey Limcangco

Andrew Apulu

Staff Representative:

Liz Williams

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Chairperson’s Annual Report for the year ended 31st December 2016

E mihi atu, kia koutou, i tenei po

Ki nga Kaumatua , nga kuia, nga tangata whenua, o te rohe nei

Kei te mihi, kei te mihi, kei te mihi

 A very warm welcome to all students, staff, parents, family and whanau.

 Hutia te rito, o te harakeke,
Kei hea, te kōmako e kō?
Kī mai ki ahau, he aha te mea nui o tenei ao
Māku e kī atu, he tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata

If you remove the main shoot from the flax bush, from where would the bellbirds sing?
If I was asked, what was the most important thing in the world;
I would reply, it is people, it is people, it is people

…these appropriate words are from a Proverb titled the “Harakeke Flax”

The Sacred Heart School board of trustees would like to congratulate our school leavers for what they have accomplished throughout the year, as we draw a conclusion to what Sacred Heart can offer to you as your school, let us celebrate what you can take away with you on your new journey.

“The Sacred Heart Way” has offered to you a friendly place, where our pupils, our staff and our parents have demonstrated – excellence, respect, honesty, consideration, responsibility, courtesy, sustainability and diversity,

These core values have strengthened your foundation and will enhance and shape your new direction as leaders in your new school in 2017.

You are now our ambassadors as you continue your growth, you have lived and led “The Sacred Heart way” as our senior students and our school is grateful, I appreciate your efforts and thank you for your leadership.

Sacred Heart School is great shape as we end this 2016 year, our school is developing well under the passionate leadership of our principal and his team.

Frank you have encouraged and delivered some great initiatives this year, your actions and your delegation style has been noticeable, especially creating change, encouraging personal development and offering clarity around reporting, your passion drives a vibrant team culture and it enables our school to strengthen.

Thanks Frank for your passion and your actions and here is an example I will share with you.

We have a goal in our charter “to deliver a balanced Curriculum for all our students”, personal development this year has created new ideas, collaborative thinking is now the new normal, we are accepting and adapting to new ways of learning and all of these attributes have triggered the perfect time for us to further develop our staff and student connectedness.

What I can proudly report to you today, is that we are progressing, the team is led by Liz our deputy principal and our very own talented hard-working teachers are driving these changes.

Our Teachers will allow this to evolve from our culture, they will create a style that is inclusive of our new learning ways and environments, and they will consider innovative ways to tailor our Curriculum to be a nice snuggly fit for our pupils.

Thank you to all for participating, your abilities and your collaborative vision is humbling.

This year we had our (Religious Education) RE review, it was again pleasing to read some great results and report it to the board, so I will share this paragraph with you from that same report, Thank you Kath Clark and the team for your efforts that contributed to these encouraging results – this statement can only make us proud.

The prayer and liturgical life bears strong witness to the Catholic nature at our school, Sacred Heart works closely with the parish and together they give witness to a joyful shared faith and practice. Senior students welcome opportunities to lead in the Sacred Heart Way”

As a school, we participated this year in a number of Cultural festivals, including a special Filipino dance at Horncastle arena and our children have delivered some beautiful performances.

Our “Song to Mary”, titled “Ka Waiata” has been sung multiple times and always offers a reaction of overwhelming emotion…

…however the absolute stand out performance this year is our Children’s behaviour, in my opinion our behaviour at this school, is our best form of marketing and it is a market leader.

Our children’s strength comes to life and is dominant when we are on public display, we do not require multiple teachers actively intervening and addressing our behaviour, we believe in our children to be respectful.

Our children are together patient, they show respect and they stand quietly and allow their collective behaviour to take centre stage.

Children I thank you for your actions, these actions reward our teachers and our parents and it demonstrates to the audience that our “Sacred Heart Way” is real and is lived – thankyou children of Sacred Heart for giving back to us.

I will share a comment made to me from Frank recently,” I have complete trust of our children and I believe we can take them to most places, they are so respectful, even when we visited a retirement village recently…it is amazing!”…… yes, it is amazing I agree.

Next year presents us another new start, the board will have some exciting challenges, we have an opportunity to enhance and make a significant difference to the property of our school and we also have our delayed ERO review, this takes up a lot of time and it requires some energy zapping competent discussions, these are two major focuses that we have in front of us as a board in the New Year.

We will continue to have our Swimming, our School Camps, our Cultural Festivals, our Sports Days, our Performances, our Talent Shows, our Disco’s and many more exciting things I am sure.

All of these exciting things cannot be accomplished without the calibre of our people;

  • Our caretaker continues to look after and improve our grounds.
  • We have a church as our neighbour allowing us access for that close spiritual connection, and we are thankful for Father John and Father Tom’s guidance.
  • We have motivational teacher aides that always want to help out and go that extra mile without question.
  • We have Claire in our office with her experience and knowledge, whose contributions are valued and allows us to have some extra horsepower when required, Nova pay is an example of this.
  • We have intelligent teachers that are hard-working, they work extremely well as a collaborative, with a joint vision to enhance our school as I mentioned earlier, they challenge and support because they care and they are devoted to our school, Sacred Heart.
  • We have our board that is committed to improvement and will continue to develop ideas in the New Year.
  • We have passion, accountability and leadership from our Principal Frank McManus, and Deputy Principal Liz Williams.
  • We also have a great community and a great culture, who are inclusive and involved, and parent help is always offered and appreciated.

I thank you all collectively for sharing a vision together,

I thank you all for being yourselves and for being good people, and I thank you all for your contributions this year to Sacred Heart School.

I am excited about what we can accomplish together next year in 2017, “we are blessed”.

My name is Brendan Bourne and I am proudly the Chairperson of Sacred Heart School and to mirror the proverb that I started with, titled “The Harakeke Flax”,

The board is committed to supply to Sacred Heart School, the strongest shoots on our Flax Bush, so we can offer the ideal spot for all our Bellbird’s to sing.

And if you asked the board, what is the most important thing in the world, we would reply…. it is people, it is people, it is people.

Hutia te rito o te harakeke,
Kei hea te kōmako e kō?
Kī mai ki ahau, he aha te mea nui o tenei ao
Māku e kī atu, he tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata

Chairperson’s Annual Report for the year ended 31st December 2015

The Sacred Heart School board of trustees would like to congratulate our school leavers for what they have accomplished this year.  As you start high school next year, may the Sacred Heart Way guide and help you.

Sacred Heart School had big changes this year.  This is our first year with Frank as our school principal. Frank has done an outstanding job as a first-year school principal as reflected with what Sacred Heart School has achieved this year. At the same time, the board has also appointed Liz as the deputy principal.  As the school principal, Frank has made a good decision in bringing in Naomi, Olivia and Karli for this year.  What we have now is a faculty made up of a combination of youth and experience.We have teachers who have a lot of skills and talents to impart to our children.

Sacred Heart School remains a part of the Kahukura Cluster made up of 8 other schools in this area.  As part of this cluster, board members have attended joint forums with them and they have treated us as an integral part of this cluster.  At the same time, we have been working with them in the implementation of the New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning.  This year, our teachers have had success in the Collaborative approach to literacy teaching and learning.  Liz, our lead teacher for the NP4DL project has done a submission to Core-Education which in turn will submit it to the Deeper Learning Conference in Seattle, USA.

The board would like to commend Kate and Olivia for the continuation of the “Reading at Home Programme.”  We have received good feedback from the families involved in this programme.  It has been noted also that there is greater participation now from our parents in relation to the home partnership program with the focus on Information and communication technology safety this year.

As part of the Maori Learning Programme headed by Paula, the highlight for this year was the visit to the TeWhatu Manawa Maoritanga o Rehua Marae.  It was a learning opportunity for our children to be in a Marae.  An opportunity to learn and understand the Maori culture.

In the field of sports, Sacred Heart School continues to participate in Basketball, mini-ball, swimming, cross country and athletic events.  Music and dancing also plays an important part in the development of our children so they have participated in the Jump Jam competition and the Children’s Choir.  The school disco was a success with the kids having fun and the parents as well. They have also showcased their talents during the Arts Festival which I personally felt was one of the best arts festival we’ve had.  All of our children were of course the stars of the show.

Swimming classes continued this year and will continue for next year.  School camps were held earlier this year with teamwork, discipline and unity as some of the core values we wanted our children to develop.

Sacred Heart School is now Ultra-fast broadband capable as part of the Ministry of Education’s School Network Upgrade Project.  In addition to the 80 or more Ipads that we have, the board has allowed the purchase of 31 chrome books.  With this significant number of electronic devices available, more students are able to use them as tools to help them with their learning.  The school library has its share of improvements too, we continue to add more books for the kids to read especially when the weather is not great and they have to stay indoors.  The board has approved the purchase of additional furniture and board games to be used in the library.

A new reporting format has been introduced this year showing the progress of the children in relation to the national standards.  We have had positive feedback with the new record of achievement and development.  The board regularly monitors student achievement and checks on the progress of specific target groups in all subjects.

On the spiritual side of things, we had the sacraments of confirmation and first communion this year.  Kath, our director of religious studies, has played an important role in the strengthening of the Catholic faith through the different liturgies.  Kath has been helping Mike Nolan of the Catholic Education office with the Religious Education Online assessment research project.  Father Tom and Father John have been very supportive with all the religious activities this year.

I would like to thank our support staff. To Clare Gibson, our school secretary, who has done more than what she is supposed to.  Clare has taken the task to upgrade our school clinic.  To our teacher aides Sue, Rowela and Carla who have been excellent in doing their respective tasks in helping out the teachers and our children.  To our school caretaker Bryan, he has done a good job looking after the school and with the school garden making good use of the space where our toilet block used to be.  And also, Bryan has been given the Caretaker award for 2015.  At the same time, Sacred Heart School has been highly commended for its waste minimisation and recycling endorsement and was given the 2015 School Environment Award.

The board would like to thank Bev Reid for her time with the board, she has been with the school board and has been the treasurer since 2001.  Bev has been looking after the school’s finances and has done an outstanding job on keeping an eye on all the school’s accounts.

Now, we look forward to another productive school year in 2016.  The school will have its Education Review Office or ERO Review next year, we have been having 3 yearly reviews and we are aiming for a 5 yearly review.  The school board will also work with Mike Nolan from the Catholic education Office to come up with school plans as part of the Bishop’s 12 year property plan with repairs and improvement due in 2017.  Hopefully, the school will be granted a substantial amount and the board will be working on these plans to develop a modern learning environment for Sacred Heart School.

As we are about to end another positive school year, let me share to you children, to you parents and to all who are present here tonight a motto from John Wesley that  I heard from one of Father John’s homily.

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.”  If you do this, then consider yourself great and God will love you for this.

Thank you very much.

Rey A.S. Limcangco